Gelsupport C / S 1pair ins

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Gelsupport C / S 1pair ins
PodoGel GELSUPPORT WITH AND WITHOUT INSERT Indications: heel therapeutic silicone, to walk and play sports to stay for a long time inpiedi. Caratteroistiche: silicone heel support with stabilizing walls, the high viscoelasticitaammortizza loading points when walking, both in a static position. Alcontrariodelle heel currents, this new material of silicone jelly donauna load distribution body in a uniform manner. You can wear a tion shoes, both city that sports. It never breaks and wipes with detergentidelicati. Two models: Cod.0400 fitting for talalgie, rachialgia, calcaneal fissures; Cod. 0405 with red insert central silicone with potereammortizzantedifferenziato indicated for heel spurs.
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