Gibaud Ortho Ankle airform

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Gibaud Ortho Ankle airform
Gibaud ortho Anklet Airform Indications Ankle sprains serious or medium gravity Controndicazioni Severe trauma to the need of an orthopedic or surgical treatment Characteristics Lateral stabilization of the ankle joint Textile Composition Shell: 100% polypropylene Straps: 100% polyamide Insert inflatable: vinyl + 100% polypropylene Positioning Adjust the distance between the two valves, at the level of the heel, by acting on the tie rods side of the heel. Apply the valves on both sides of the ankle so as to cover the malleoli. Attach and tighten the lower strap. Put your foot wearing the orthosis in a spacious and stable shoe (the shoe should be adjustable with laces or with self-adhesive closure). Adjust the closure of the shoe. Attach strap top. After a few days of use, the straps may loosen; in this case, retighten properly. If you see a localized disturbance loosen the belts and replace the valve. The air bearings are already pressurized in such a way as not to require further adjustments, however, the tube is supplied for making inflate or deflate the bladder in case of need.
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