Gibaud Ortho Belt Lombogib Work Measurement 02

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Gibaud Ortho Belt Lombogib Work Measurement 02
Gibaud ortho Belt lombogib work Measure 02 Indications Low back pain and sciatica (worn continuously). Prevention of low back pain (use when carrying out heavy work or activities that may lead to the worsening of the disease). Controndicazioni Pathologies that require a more rigid immobilization or more high (> D12) before or after surgery, except prescription. Characteristics Double-locking belt oblique reinforcement that optimize the abdominal restraint. Bearing morpho-adjustable removable stabilizing the lumbar spine. Splinting V that ensures the effectiveness of support and encourages chest expansion. Pockets railings that facilitate the closing of the bands. Perforated fabric, for a better ventilation and lightness. Textile Composition 40% rubber fiber 36% cotton 24% polyester Correspondence Sizes Circumference above the shirt in cm Size Height INCM from 70 to 80 1 26 from 80 to 90 2 26 from 90 to 100 3 26 100 a110 4 26 100 a110 5 26 Positioning Put on the belt of a lightweight sweater. Place the belt on the lumbar area in axis with the spine, so chelates base of the bearing is above the coccyx. Adjusting the tension of the belt so as to obtain a comfortable support. Increase the belt tension side according to the desired restraint, turning the pockets railings. Verify that the belt is adhering to the lumbar and, if necessary, modellarne lestecche. Washing instructions For a more durable product should comply with the seguentiistruzioni washing: o before washing close off the portion with closing astrappo o Hand wash in water at 30 ? C with neutral soap or detergent o Rinse o allow to dry horizontally o Do not iron
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