Gibaud Ortho C3 Stiff Collar Measure 1

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Gibaud Ortho C3 Stiff Collar Measure 1
Gibaud ortho C3 rigid collar Measure 1 Indications Mild cervical trauma Cervical lesions of low and medium gravity Neuralgia cervicobrachial Controndicazioni Cervical trauma severe Prolonged use without medical advice Characteristics Relative immobilization of the cervical spine Textile Composition Collar: 100% polyethylene Fabric protection: 100% polyvinyl Format Elbow circumference in cm: from 32 to 35 size 0; 35 to 38 size 1; 38 to 41 size 2; 41 to 43 size 3; 43 to 48 size 4. Height in cm: 8.5 to 10.5 size 0; size from 8.5 to 10.5 1; from 10 to 12 size 2; from 10 to 12 size 3; from 10 to 12 size 4. Positioning The first placement will be carried out by a qualified specialist. The collar consists of two rigid parts which can be coupled on each other by means of three fasteners. After you choose your size according to the circumference of the neck, adjust the height properly matching the two rigid parts. Place the two rigid parts so that the lower one rests on the clavicles and the upper under the chin. The position is correct if the head is prevented from bending down. Roll up the product so that it assumes a form which facilitates the positioning around the neck. Close the rear collar C3 via velcro.
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