Gibaud Ortho Genugib Tutor knee

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Gibaud Ortho Genugib Tutor knee
Gibaud ortho Geungib Knee brace Indications Knee sprain of medium severity Severe sprain of the knee Immobilization postoperative relative or sectors amplitude Phase-rehabilitative rehabilitation Controndicazioni Trauma requiring immobilisation with plaster, resin or surgery Characteristics Polycentric knee orthosis articulated adjustable. Flanges upper and lower rigid, adjustable in function of the morphology of the lower limb. Rigid side uprights to ensure the lateral stability. Non-slip padding. Polycentric joints with limiting function of the drawer front to back. Locking and adjustment of the joint by sectors of amplitude as a function of the severity or the evolutionary stage of the disease. Limitation of rotation by template silicone positioned at the tibial tuberosity. Pelote condylar removable foam densities. Closing straps adjustable upper and lower. Textile Composition Exterior: 100% polyamide Padding: 100% polyester Inside: 80% cotton - 20% polyamide Positioning The Guardian Knee GENUGIB(R) is available in one size; but it needs a preliminary test for proper fit and a good understanding of the positioning of the orthosis. The joints must be strictly regulated before placing the guardian. To change the setting, unscrew the transparent cover with a coin (1, 2 or 5 cents) and place the four pins into the holes at the corners selected according to the indications given by the prescribing physician. Insert the orthosis with the logo GIBAUD law. Leave the straps in loosening buckles for easy placement of the brace. The orthosis can be worn in direct contact with skin or trousers. If necessary, adjust the top and bottom flanges with the special strap closure until the joints are parallel and centered with respect to the knee. The two side pads are removable and can be removed in case of discomfort. Subsequently, first adjust the upper and lower belts and thereafter the intermediate belts. The intermediate belt is equipped with a stabilizing element in silicon which must be positioned on the crest of the tibia. Finish adjusting the straps so you get strong support and comfortable. The joints should be parallel and centered with respect to the knee.
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