Gibaud Ortho Junior Walker Equalizer Measure 2

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Gibaud Ortho Junior Walker Equalizer Measure 2
Gibaud Ortho junior Walker euqalizer Measure 2 Indications - Immobilization following trauma or surgery, ankle joint - Severe ankle sprain - Distortion of medium severity with involvement of the anterior capsule of the tibial tarsal - Trauma tendon and muscle - Phase of re-education and rehabilitation - Inflammatory diseases or infections that require immobilization Characteristics - Footbed High-density foam that provides the cushioning of the heel - Boot padded with ability to insert local reinforcements for the protection of the leg and foot - Non-slip sole rounded to facilitate ambulation - The lightness of the boot favors its use in cases where the patient is not allowed to reach the floor of the foot - Wide sole to allow adaptation to the size of the foot Textile Composition Base + uprights: 100% polyamide Padding: 100% polyurethane Correspondence Sizes The brace is ambidextrous. Measure footwear: 27-32 size 1 32.5 to 33.5 size 2 Positioning It is advisable to make the first placement by a specialist. CAUTION: Do not remove the caps marked with label PULL UP to the point of 5 following instructions. 1 - Open the 5 straps with Velcro closure, remove the padding and removable calzarla around the foot and calf. 2 - To increase comfort can be inserted within the padding and near the ankles, bearings Supplied. 3 - Close the padding using the Velcro fasteners. 4 - Insert the foot in the boot slightly widening the vertical supports. The heel should be pushed towards the rear of the well so as to be stationary. Place the leg in axis with the vertical supports. 5 - Remove the supports the protective tapes marked labeled PULL UP to secure padding to boot. 6 - Close the tibial straps from the bottom so as to obtain a comfortable stabilization. Then close the two straps on the back foot.
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