Gibaud Ortho Lombogib Senior Measure 5

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Gibaud Ortho Lombogib Senior Measure 5
Gibaud Ortho Lombogib senior Measure 5 Indications Low back pain and sciatica of degenerative, post-traumatic, post-surgical. Controndicazioni Pathologies requiring immobilization stiffer and high (> D12) before or after surgery, except prescription. Characteristics Double locking system "pulley", suitable for persons who are not able to develop an intense muscular strength. Four rigid rear moldable splints. Reinforcement lumbosacral removable useful to lighten the feeling level compression of the iliac crests. Perforated fabric for better ventilation and lightness. Textile Composition 40% rubber fiber 36% cotton 24% polyester Format Waist circumference above the shirt in cm: from 65 to 85 size 1; from 80 to 95 size 2; from 90 to 105 size 3; from 100 to 115 size 4; from 110 to 125 size 5. Height in cm: 26 size 1; 26, size 2; 26 size 3; 26 size 4; 26 size 5. Positioning Put on the belt of a lightweight sweater. Before wearing the belt, open it, set it on a horizontal surface, remove the two thumb loops and remove the two sides of the belt. Place the belt such that the belt with the logo GIBAUD appears on the right lateral side. The rear opening will have to be centered with respect to the spine. The lower part of the shield should be at the height of the groove cleft. Close the belt without tension. Tuck your thumbs in the two holes thumb loops and pull straps forward until a strong close but comfortable. Hook the thumb loops on the front of the belt through fasteners, starting from the left.
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