Gibaud Garden Philadelphia Tracheotomy 11cm Measure 1

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Gibaud Garden Philadelphia Tracheotomy 11cm Measure 1
Gibaud ortho Philadelphia cervical collar tracheotomy 11cm Measure 1 Indications Whiplash, sprains cervical, cervical disk disease, post-operative neck surgery, cervical fractures, cervical origin of neuropathy, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis of the cervical spine. Characteristics Structure bivalve foam plastazote hypoallergenic, latex-free, reinforced rigid front and rear. Shaped structure with four points of support: chin, sternum, neck, back. Tracheal hole. Shell at the back with holes for ventilation. Velcro closure system. Padded chin. Radiolucent and waterproof. Textile Composition 100% plastazote Format Necklace in cm: 25 to 33: 1 size; 33 through 41: size 2; 41 to 48: 3 size. Height in cm: 19 front / 19 rear: size 1; 19 front / 19 rear: size 2; 19 front / 19 rear: 3 size. Positioning The first placement will be carried out by a qualified specialist. After choosing the right size, apply the shell at the back; the arrow UP shown on the reinforcement must point upwards. The front valve overlaps the rear, to ensure proper asset and the right comfort. Lock the collar evenly adjusting the Velcro fasteners.
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