Gibaud Ortho Rhizostop Right Measure 3

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Gibaud Ortho Rhizostop Right Measure 3
Gibaud ortho Rhizostop Orthosis right wrist Measure 3 Indicated in cases of acute carpometacarpal osteoarthritis: indossarecontinuativamente day and night. Carpometacarpal osteoarthritis in the subacute phase: use at night or in case of pain. Contraindicated in all injuries that require orthopedic treatment with plaster, resin, or the need for surgery. Immobilizzazone the trapeziometacarpal joint position analgesic. Orthoses that stabilizes the thumb thanks to the spacer extending adjustable, and thanks to ilpolso palmar splint. Pelota handheld. Three-dimensional fabric airy, light and breathable. How to use Before wearing the orthosis open the two Velcro fasteners. Insert your hand orthosis passing under the double elastic band as if it were unguanto so that the spacer is positioned between the thumb and forefinger and risultiesserne fitting the recess. Secure it with the Velcro fastener. Tighten the velcro strap on the wrist in order to obtain a firm support maconfortevole. Components Fabric: 81% polyamide. 19% elastane. Cue: 100% steel. Warnings For a more durable product should comply with the seguentiistruzioni washing: o Remove the spacer and its cue. o Hand wash in water at 30 ? C with neutral soap or detergent. o Rinse thoroughly. o Do not wring. o Allow to dry horizontally. o Do not iron. Format Package of 1 piece. Available sizes: 1 (from 13 to 15 cm wrist circumference). 2 (16 to 18 cm in circumference of the wrist). 3 (19 to 21 cm in circumference of the wrist). Height: 18 cm for all sizes. Side of use: DX.
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