Gibaud Ortho Walker Equalizer Fixed Measure 3

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Gibaud Ortho Walker Equalizer Fixed Measure 3
Gibaud ortho Walker fixed equalizer Guardian fixed ankle Measure 3 Indications immobilization following trauma or surgery, ankle joint severe ankle sprain sprain of medium severity with involvement of the anterior capsule of the tibial tarsal tendon and muscle injuries phase of rehabilitation and rehabilitation inflammatory or infectious pathologies that require the immobilization Characteristics immobilization of ankle at right angles plantar in high-density foam that guarantees the cushioning of the heel boot padded with ability to insert local reinforcements for the protection of the leg and foot non-slip sole rounded to facilitate ambulation the lightness of the boot favors its use in cases where the patient is not allowed to reach the floor of the foot wide-sole to allow adaptation to the size of the foot Fast and easy to wear, allowing rapid disposal during the treatments Washing instructions For a more durable product should comply with the seguentiistruzioni washing: Filling: Hand wash in water at 30 ? C with neutral soap odetersivo, rinse, let dry horizontally. Do not iron. Parterigida: clean with a damp sponge. Dry with a cloth.
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