Gibaud OrthoGinocchiera Zerogradi Measure 2

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Gibaud OrthoGinocchiera Zerogradi Measure 2
Gibau ortho Toggle Zerogradi Measure 2 Indications Immobilization of the knee in extension following surgery or trauma Immobilization of the knee as an alternative to valve pinstripe Characteristics Brace for immobilization of the knee at 0 ?. Structure with three panels to adapt to the lower limbs of different circumferences. Two slats rigid splinting rear side and double pre-shaped to ensure the immobilization in extension to 0 ?. Four side straps to opposing closures. Available in heights of 50 cm, 60 cm and 70 cm. Textile Composition Lining: 100% cotton Padding: 100% polyester Exterior: 100% polyamide Format Height in cm: 50 size 1; 60 size 2; 70 size 3. Positioning Lay the guardian after unfastened the straps with Velcro fasteners. In lying position the brace wrap around the leg so that the knee is in correspondence dell'apposita central opening. If necessary, remove and reposition the two side panels so as to obtain a good winding of the leg. Tighten the straps from those closest to the knee after placing the square-off at the ends of each belt.
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