Green Means Snails Original Syrup 150ml Bavarian Alps

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Green Means Snails Original Syrup 150ml Bavarian Alps
Green remedies Syrup snails Bavarian Alps DESCRIPTION The health virtues of snail known since the times of the times, the Greeks were eating after an illness to recuperate, as a tonic. According to some traditions, the live snails, without shell, they were able to treat gastritis and heal ulcere.Ora instead it was discovered that the liver and pancreas of the snail are not likely to be ingested by their content and the flavor particularly bitter. Today these parts are removed before consumption. From snail slime it is created a syrup from the many virtues, to be used in all processes of airway inflammation, thinning phlegm and a help to the expulsion. Great to calm the cough is dry to oily, in all syndromes para-influenzali.Ottimo for children a spoonful in the morning before going to school to protect the airway from attack by bacteria and viruses easy transmission in environments such as schools. A study has also demonstrated good tolerability of the product in children: Syrup slug does not cause vomiting, nausea nor skin disorders. He can be found in herbal medicine, the most common is with the addition of raspberry syrup to make it more attractive, but is also available to Timo for a taste balsamic If you're thinking "this sucks," taste to assess the quality !! Characteristics: ORIGINAL SYRUP SNAILS is an extract of snails (5.15gr) and a fluid extract of thyme (2.60gr) User instructions Children and pregnant women and breastfeeding should consult with their doctor before taking the product Explanations drawn from the product packaging Composition: 150 ml of syrup contain: Sucrose, extract snails 5.15 mg, 2.60 mg thyme fluid extract, Ptassio sorbate.
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