Hermesetas Gold 300 + 100 Tablets

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Hermesetas Gold 300 + 100 Tablets
Hermesetas Gold 300 + 100 Tablets Indications: acalorico sweetener suitable for everyone who gives priority to their shape and health ingenerale. For weight control, dental health and for those who suffer from diabetes. Features: It is a valuable aid in reducing? caloric intake: in fact, part of a healthy and balanced diet accompanied by exercise, helps fight overweight. You can then enjoy your favorite drink by controlling the line. The use of sweeteners acalorici in beverages, for example in tea and coffee, associated with a correct oral hygiene program, it allows to prevent tooth decay. In the presence of sugar, in fact, the bacteria in the dental enamel give rise to the formation of acids which cause corrosion of the enamel itself and the establishment of caries.
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