Homocrin Naturalcol 7/3 Bio

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Homocrin Naturalcol 7/3 Bio
Homocrin Naturalcolor Indications Hair dyes plant extracts. For 2 treatments. How to use Pour the dye based on vegetal extracts nelloshaker with spout-fluid applicator containing the detector. Shake the mixture and apply it over the hair starting from the roots eproseguendo then the lengths; lift the locks in order to obtain a buonaaerazione and excellent color, and with a wide-toothed comb to comb perdistribuire the color evenly on hair. Leave on for 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly and make a leggeroshampoo. After swabbing the hair with a towel, apply the mask capillary, leave for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly comb, procedereall'asciugatura. Characteristics Natural color Homocrin is a complete treatment for hair coloration: color their hair safely respecting the hair fiber; capellidalle colors the roots to the tips, giving greater brightness, softness, elasticity and a pleasant fragrance. Ammonia, dellaseta protein and wheat germ, perfectly covers gray hair. 27 colors to fix and enhance long tones and the reflections of a capigliaturasana and robust. The package allows 2 treatments: contains, in fact, 2 vials of color and 2 bottles of fluid detector; 2 HC + Probiotics Natural Shampoo applicazionidello perCapelli Dyed and bleached and 2 applicazionidell'esclusiva HC + Probiotics Professional Hair MaslK revitalizing, nourishing eriparatrice. Components Silk proteins; protein wheat germ; Horsetail extract; diortica extract. Format Package for 2 treatments. Cod. 87420
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