Iko Ditale Al Fluoride Measure Medium

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Iko Ditale Al Fluoride Measure Medium
Iko Ditale Al Fluoro Goodbye to bristles and dentrificio? Here is an unusual toothbrush that snaps like a glove and does not need to be applied to toothpaste. IKO, so called, is characterized by being fitable on the fingers (perfect for the index finger) and the shape as ergonomic as possible so as to allow for optimal oral cavity cleaning. It will be marketed in 3 sizes (Smart, Medium and Large) to choose from depending on the size of your fingers. We have asked Luca Crotti, Vice President of Melo to better explain the peculiarities of IKO, especially why it is not necessary to use toothpaste: "IKO is made with a medical derivative (non-industrial, hence, but properly medical) on an elastomeric basis, called marfran.med, enriched with fluoride components (fluoro salts, complying with regulations) and fresh menthol. Thanks to this composition, in contact with the saliva Iko re-establishes the ph natural of the mouth, helping to combat the formation of plaque and caries and combining the contribution of mechanical rubbing with the contribution of fluoride. " Not only does it not serve toothpaste, but above all it needs no water, and the toothbrush to be worn is reusable up to 100 times. IKO will be sold in a purse, and is stored in a practical box, allowing it to be transported in pocket and purse. Perfect so when you are out of the house and maybe you do not have the water available
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