At Ilo Dental Floss Fluoride

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At Ilo Dental Floss Fluoride
Ilo Dental Floss Al fluoride ILO, a dental floss to match the use of the IKO toothbrush. This product is innovative since, achieved by micro extrusion of the same material that composes IKO, has isegmenti reusable up to 60 times each and, above all, being based elastomeric these are extendable up to 5 times its initial size that is 17 centimeters . The extension allows him to vary the diameter of the segment, thus making it able to adapt to different spaces between the teeth. iLo is the floss, as it was never visto.E 'a soft and elastic spaghetti extendable, pleasant to the touch, that which releases fluoride and menthol, even in the smallest crevices of your mouth. You can use it up to 60 times, and find it in practical boxes of 3 pieces. How to use? It's that easy! As a normal flossing, you can however stretch and thin as you like, which allows you to reach even the interstices smaller and difficult. Finally you put it in its practical box, and then use it again at the next opportunity. The advantages? There are many! Thanks to its special compound, soft and elastic, stretches and thins stroking your mouth, through each gap. Also issues Fluorine and Menthol with each use, lascaindoti a mouth fresh and clean. Thanks to its practical and hygienic pouch.
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