Intrasite Gel Hydrogel For The Cleansing autolytic Of Wound 5 Dispenser 15g

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Intrasite Gel Hydrogel For The Cleansing autolytic Of Wound 5 Dispenser 15g
Intrasite Gel Hydrogel For The Cleansing autolytic Of Wound Care IntraSite Gel promotes rapid but gentle removal of necrotic tissue and fibrin tissue absorbing excess exudate. It can also be used to recreate a humid environment during the steps of granulation and epithelisation. This makes IntraSite Gel ideal for all phases of the healing process. IntraSite Gel is a colorless amorphous hydrogel, consisting of a modified polymer of carboxymethylcellulose, propylene glycol and water. Advantages Removes necrotic tissue. The process of tissue regeneration may not start if you remove the dead tissue present in the wound site. IntraSite Gel promotes debridement by autolysis, rehydrating gently necrotic tissue. IntraSite Gel can be associated with debriders enzyme such as collagenase. The association appears to have a synergistic clinical effect (1). Cleanses. During the inflammatory phase of the wound healing process, there is formation of necrotic tissue due to the accumulation of dead cells serous exudate of the wound. IntraSite gel absorbs excess exudate from the wound surface, blocks the accumulation of debris and prevents the formation of slough. However, in the case of slough already present, the particularly effective rehydrating action of the gel allows a delicate and effectively removed without damaging healthy tissue. During this phase, the frequency with which the dressing must be replaced depends on the amount of exudate present. Replacement suggested daily to maximize the cleaning action. It promotes moist wound healing. IntraSite Gel allows you to create a moist environment at the wound surface, preventing the formation of scabs. By keeping fragile granulation tissue moist and allowing the migration of epithelial cells, IntraSite Gel promotes a fast and safe healing without complications. Easy to apply. The unique dispenser Applipack offers the possibility of a simple, directional and controllable even at sites difficult to reach. IntraSite Gel is not fit and can be easily removed from the wound with a simple washing with saline, without damaging the fragile tissue or causing unnecessary pain to the patient. Choice of dressing. IntraSite Gel should be used in conjunction with a secondary dressing. The conditions of the lesion determine the choice of the type of medication and its replacement frequency: Necrotic: Medication semi-permeable as Opsite (TM) Flexigrid (TM) Daily change Indications Removal of dead tissue in the treatment of superficial and deep open wounds healing by secondary intention such as venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, radiation injuries, burns, fistulas, amputations, malignant ulcers pathologically iperproliferanti. IntraSite Gel can be used on infected wounds under medical supervision. Contraindications / Precautions for use Known sensitivity to IntraSite Gel or any of its components. IntraSite Gel should be used with caution in the vicinity of the eyes and in deep wounds with fistulas, where removal of the gel is difficult. IntraSite Gel is indicated for external use only. Instructions for Use Clean the tip of the dispenser with a gauze soaked in disinfectant. Break the tip of the dispenser Press the dispenser distribuiire gel on the wound Cover the wound with an appropriate secondary dressing. Format Package with 5 dispenser. 15g.
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