Iodosorb Ointment Medication Of cadexomer With Iodine 40g

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Iodosorb Ointment Medication Of cadexomer With Iodine 40g
Iodosorb Ointment Medication Of cadexomer With Iodine IODOSORB antiseptic dressing "smart" based on the technology of cadexomer absorbs exudates and iodine released in a controlled manner. Features and Benefits IODOSORB is available in the form of granules, paste of aluminum tube or pasta sterile single-dose of dark brown color with gauze support from both sides. The dough consists of cadexomer (starch microspheres ways. Ed) with iodine and polyethylene glycol. Matrix cadexomer Removes slough and cellular debris Gelling, creates a clean, damp helping to reduce healing time Highly absorbent: the matrix cadexomer can absorb up to 6 times its weight Reduces the risk of maceration It reduces the frequency of dressing changes Release of iodine controlled and sustained (in relation to the amount of exudate) Biodegradable. Iodine (content 0.9%) Reduction of bacteria Broad-spectrum bactericidal activity: reduces the infezione6 including that caused by MRSA (in vitro). Reducing pain and improving quality of life Odor reduction produced by bacteria (87% of cases in 4 weeks) Pain reduction: means. cant reduction in pain in venous leg ulcers in the second week of treatment Improving the quality of life of the patient. Indications IODOSORB is indicated for the local treatment of chronic exuding wounds. IODOSORB can be used under compression therapy. IODOSORB can be used on infected wounds. When the product is used on infected wounds, the infection should be monitored and treated according to the treatment protocol Local. Contraindications / Precautions for Use IODOSORB should not be used on dry necrosis, or in patients with known hypersensitivity to iodine or any of its components. IODOSORB not use in children, pregnant or nursing, or people with kidney or thyroid function disorders (eg Hashimoto's thyroiditis or nontoxic nodular goiter). Precautions for use The contents of the individual pack should be used for one patient only. IODOSORB not use near the eyes, ears, nose or mouth. The product is for external use only. In the first hour after application, IODOSORB can cause mild pain and passenger. This indicates that the product is starting to clean the wound. Occasionally IODOSORB may cause swelling or redness of the surrounding skin. This effect is usually transient. Upon contact with the surrounding skin or with intact skin should be minimized. When IODOSORB is allowed to dry, you may form an adherent crust. A single application of IODOSORB should not exceed 50 g (equivalent to 5 envelopes 10 g) and in a week should not be exceeded 150 g (equivalent to 15 envelopes from 10g). The duration of treatment should not exceed 3 months. Warnings There is a potential for interaction with lithium, resulting in increased likelihood of hypothyroidism. IODOSORB not use concomitantly with mercurial antiseptics or taurolidine. Be aware of any interference with the indices of thyroid function in case of diagnostic tests thyroid. Instructions for Use Application Wash hands before and after application. After wearing gloves, clean the wound and surrounding skin with a gentle stream of water or saline solution. DO NOT DRY the wound surface. Remove the gauze impregnated from both sides of the dough portion 'or open the package (envelope or aluminum tube). Conform the dressing to the wound surface. Completely cover the wound with an appropriate secondary dressing. Apply a pressure bandage, where indicated Exchange IODOSORB must be changed when it is saturated with exudate and has released all the iodine. This is indicated by loss of color, usually two or three times a week. If the wound is exuding a lot, you may need to change the dressing every day. If necessary, wet the debris for a few minutes before removing them. Gently remove IODOSORB using a jet of water or saline solution. Before you reapply again IODOSORB, gently absorb any excess fluid, leaving wound surface slightly moist. Format Tube 40g.
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