Isdin Antipiojos Gel Eliminates lice Lice And Nits 100ml

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Isdin Antipiojos Gel Eliminates lice Lice And Nits 100ml
Isdin Antipiojos Lice gel: Remove Lice and Nits natural treatment that permanently eliminates lice and nits. Very convenient and easy to use. benefits Natural treatment with Neemtech, formulated with an active natural, the Neem seed extract, through a patented extraction method. It does not contain permethrin, insecticides or traditional silicones. It works with a physical mechanism that does not produce heating elements: covers, immobilizes and suffocates the lice, causing death by suffocation and dehydration. Also it penetrates spiracles destroying the nits. clinically tested in condzioni of use How to use Apply the product with a massage on dry hair for 10 minutes with an amount sufficient to ensure that the entire surface of the scalp and hair are completely coated. There is no need to use headphones, towels or other items to cover the hair. After 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. It does not require any subsequent washing with other products or shampoos, thanks to its excellent cosmetic properties. The treatment guarantees the removal of lice and nits without the use of combs. However, if you want to, a fine tooth comb can be used to remove the dead lice and nits innocuous after treatment. Proper application is the key to its effectiveness, so you must carefully follow the instructions and comply with the application time. Composition seed extract of 'Neem tree (0.75%). Format Size: 100ml.
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