Ka1000la Antiage Day And Night 50ml

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Ka1000la Antiage Day And Night 50ml
Ka1000la Antiage Day And Night Anti-aging action Collagenated anti-aging cream with the innovative active ingredients of pure type 1 collagen, a real skin support. NOAGE FACE anti-wrinkle performs a deep restructuring action, moisturizing the epidermis, giving a renewing, antioxidant and elasticizing action. Enriched with functional substances such as vitamin E, vitamin C, ceramides, elastin and panthenol, it stimulates microcirculation and conveys in depth the active substances of NOAGE FACE. This cream, rich in proteins and collagenic peptites, remains essential for supporting tissues, defending them from natural degradation. HOW TO USE Carefully cleanse the neck and decolletage with Camilla micellar water in the presence of makeup or Camilla face soap. Trace the points to be treated with product nuts and with the palm of the hand begin to touch the cleavage starting from the neck towards the neck as if to lift the skin until reaching the face and then carry out relaxing maneuvers bringing the hands to the Corinthians. Once the periocular and frontal area is reached, work on the contours of the eyes with circulatory maneuvers, climbing towards the glabellar area, carefully follow the physiological segments using the fingertips with touch movements. Conclude the treatment with small tapping on all the treated areas to favor the microcirculation and the absorption of the product. WARNINGS For external use. Keep away from heat and direct light. Keep in a cool and dry place. Do not leave the package open after use.
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