Ka1000la Micellar Water 250ml

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Ka1000la Micellar Water 250ml
Ka1000la Micellar Water SENSITIVE SKIN STRUCTURE Revitalizing cosmetic formulation for skin hydration and rejuvenation. It cleans, cuts and brightens the skin of the face and eyes. Without rinsing. Excellent tolerance. It does not contain parabens. 1. Apply the product on a cotton pad. 2. Begin to clean the forehead with circular and light movements. 3. Get down to the cheek and finally the chin. Use morning and evening. MODE OF USE Apply a cotton swab with the cleansing solution and apply on face and eyes until full absorption. Repeat the operation until the cotton is clean. Finally rubbed with a clean cotton swab. WARNINGS For outdoor use. Keep away from sources of heat and direct light. Keep in a cool and dry place. Do not leave the package open after use. INGREDIENTS Demineralized water. Peg 6. Gliceric Camomile Extract. Fruit Oligo Saccaridi. Mannitol. Xylitol. Rhamnose. Acnibio. Cucumber. Glycol. EDTA.
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