Kolorex Derma 30ml

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Kolorex Derma 30ml
Kolorex DERMA Indications: Adjuvant in the treatment of local skin lesions caused by mycotic healing infections, supported by yeasts, fungi and associated bacteria. How to use: Apply small amounts of ointment 3 times a day on the affected areas, melting slightly until full absorption, after washing and thoroughly drying the part. For a few moments after application, it is possible to feel a warm sensation, a sign of the activity of the principles contained in the cream. The sensation disappears after approximately one minute of the application. Generally enough is 2-3 weeks of treatment. To consolidate the results obtained, after the disappearance of the symptoms, it is important to continue treatment for 1 week. Features: Protects the skin from the consequences of mycosis, promoting and accelerating physiologic mechanisms of repair. Components: aqua; Celyl alcohol; Prunus armenica; Tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia); Ceto sterylalcohol; ceteareth-20; Colorxtract(R) (abstract colored pseudowinter); Vitamin e; aloe barbadensis extract (200: 1); Lemon tea tree oil (l. Petersonii); Potassium sorbate; lactic acid; citral; citronellol; linalool; limonene.
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