Labo'Life 2lc1 30 Capsules

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Labo'Life 2lc1 30 Capsules
Labo'Life 2lc1 Homeopathic Medicine 2L is a homeopathic preparation C1 LABO'LIFE characterized laboratory strains immunological contain. That is, it is a homeopathic medicine because it is done according to the principles of good homeopathic preparation, with appropriate dilutions, but as raw materials immune character. Most strains are obtained by means of recombinant DNA technology, and therefore are not of human or animal origin, ensuring viral safety of these drugs. How to use Taking 3 capsules per day is recommended during crises, and 1-2 capsules daily for maintenance. It should be administered during the tumor process and once symptoms subside should continue treatment for another year. For the good administration of the preparation must follow carefully the instructions that accompany the package. The capsule should be open and pour the contents (granules lactose impregnated with homeopathic dilution) directly under the tongue to facilitate sublingual absorption. Administration will always be fasting 15-30 minutes before taking any food or drink, clean mouth, or an hour after meals. And avoid drinking coffee, tea, chocolate, tobacco, alcohol and mint, while taking the drug. They may be suitable for adults and children. In the case of pregnancy, although there is no danger, it is always advisable to consult your doctor. Although usually they have no side effects and interactions must take into account the content of lactose and sucrose in patients who are intolerant, but must also keep in mind that the contribution of these is minimal and sometimes with only an hour after the drug meals or dissolving the granules in water and leaving the liquid in contact with the buccal mucosa for a few minutes to promote the sublingual absorption, it is achieved alleviate potential negative effects. Content 2L C1 is supplied in a box containing three blisters with 10 capsules of different colors and numbered 1 to 10 (30 capsules in total). This difference in the capsules is that its composition is not identical in all of them, but each has a dilution of its various components, and the color and the numbering is to help the patient in their decision how they should be administered according to the form numbered by one and ending with 10. This is achieved compared the cytokine cascade of immune reaction which is another objective.
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