Line D Evo Glucose 50str

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Line D Evo Glucose 50str
DLINE EVO Test strips The strips Bioseven DLINE Ages may only be used in combination conil glucometer DLINE Ages. The system of monitoring of blood glucose DLINE Ages is used in the diagnosis in vitro (extracorporeal application). It is indicated for the control of blood glucose nelsangue capillary whole, taken from the finger, palm or forearm. The system garantiscedei results capillary blood similar to those determined with instruments dalaboratorio. Test Procedure Preparation lancing device. 1) Hold the cap with adjustable depth with a hand and with the other the corpoprincipale. Bend the cap down. To distance itself from the cap corpoprincipale, pull the two in the opposite direction. 2) Remove the cover with adjustable depth. 3) Insert a new disposable needle and attach it into the holder. 4) Remove and set aside the protective cover of the disposable lancet. 5) Replace the cap with adjustable depth. 6) Select the depth of penetration by turning the upper part of the cap conprofondita adjustable until the adjustable depth not coincidecon window. The settings depend on the type of skin. 7) Hold the device with one hand and with the other piston. The device epronto. Released, the piston returns to its original position. Preparation of the test 1) Wash hands with soap and dry them thoroughly. 2) Take a strip from the bottle and close it immediately. 3) Insert the test strip into the slot on the meter with the indicatoreverso up. 4) When the drop symbol flashes, apply the blood sample within 2min. 5) Place the lancing device on the finger and release mechanism according leistruzioni. E 'can also draw blood from the palm or forearm. Test result - The test results are shown on the meter as mg / dL. - If the result shows unusual values (too high or too low) or noncorrispondenti to reality, repeat the test with a new test strip. E'inoltre can test the system using the control solution BiosevenLineaD. If the resulting values were still too high or too low, consultareimmediatamente your doctor. - If you experience symptoms that do not correspond to results of blood glucose tests and sie sure you have followed these instructions, contact your doctor immediately ilproprio or follow his instructions therapeutic. - The meter displays DLINE Ages ranged between 10 and 600 mg / dL or 0.6 33,3mmol / L If the test result is below 10 mg / dL or 0.6 mmol / L, on schermoapparira Lo. Repeat the test with a new test strip. If risultatoe The still, consult your doctor or proceed as sueindicazioni. - If the test result is above 600 mg / dL or 33.3 mmol / L, on schermoapparira Hi. Repeat the test with a new test strip. If risultatoottenuto yet Hi, consult your doctor or follow his indicazioniterapeutiche. Precautionary measures - Check the expiration date of the test strips before each measurement. Nonutilizzare in any case expired strips. - Close immediately and completely the package when removing a strisciareattiva. - Do not carry out any verification system with a control solution expired. - Do not bend or twist the test strips. Damaged strips might upset irisultati. - Never use the test strips and lancets more than once. - Wait at least 30 minutes before running a test if cuil'apparecchio has been brought to the place of measurement to an environment with a temperature grandedifferenza. Warning Keep the strips and the cover of the package out of reach of bambini.L'ingerimento of these elements could in fact cause choking. If diingerimento of a strip or the cover, consult your doctor immediately. Storage and Handling - Store the strips in the original bottle tightly closed at temperatures fra4 ? C and 30 ? C (39-86 ? F) and relative humidity below 90%. - Do not freeze. - Close the bottle immediately after removing the test strips. DO NOT leave the bottle is opened. If exposed to air for an excessive period, the strisceassorbono moisture, causing false results. - When you open a new vial of test strips, record the date aperturasull'etichetta. Use test strips within 3 months of opening or within ladata labeled expiration (what comes first). Reagents Each test strip for blood glucose DLINE Ages contains the following reagents: Glucose oxidase (Aspergillus niger) (GOD): 14.8% Potassium ferricyanide: 39.5% Non-reactive Components: 45.7%. Format Package of 25 and 50 stripes. Cod. BIO011 / BIO012
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