Longlife C Complex 500 T / R 60 Tablets

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Longlife C Complex 500 T / R 60 Tablets
C Complex 500 TABLETS Indications: this vitamin, in fact, performs essential functions in the regulation of biochemical numerosereazioni organism: participates in the formation of collagen, enables losviluppo and maintenance of bones, teeth, blood vessels and connective tissues, eimplicata in the synthesis of corticosteroid hormones and antibodies and enecessaria for the absorption of dietary iron. Thanks to its attivitaantiossidante, also plays an important role in many immune mechanisms. Laparticolare form t / r (time released) allows the gradual release of nutrientiidrosolubili the body within 12 hours. How to use: 1 tablet per day, to be taken preferably during the meal. Warnings: not take during pregnancy. Cod. 0131
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