Fior Di Loto Cereals In Chicci Spelt Decorticated 500g

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Fior Di Loto Cereals In Chicci Spelt Decorticated 500g
Lotus flower Cereals in Chicci Hulled barley Description : Spelt was the first wheat grown all?inizio civilization from nomadic herders between Mesopotamia and Egypt, some grains were found in the tombs of the pharaohs. It is a herbaceous plant of the family Gramineae, which is divided in three main varieties: the oldest einkorn wheat, the most common Emmer and finally Triticum spelta. Already it is known to the Greeks, as evidenced by the writings of Homer, and the Romans, so it became a staple food and propitiatory gift in ceremonies of worship, and to the Etruscans. Spelt is a cereal very suitable for its versatility and its nutritional characteristics. Ideal in soups or salads. Allergens: The allergens that may be present in the product, are indicated on the labels that are continually updated. The detailed list is communicated at the request of the customer as they can vary. Ingredients: Hulled barley (Triticum spelta) bio. FDL code: 1462 Minsan: 901430696 Certification Bio: QC Payable by NHS: N Weight and units: 500 g
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