Fior Di Loto Sale Marine Environment Raw Grosso 1000g

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Fior Di Loto Sale Marine Environment Raw Grosso 1000g
Lotus flower Atlantic coarse sea salt Biological Sea salt from the Atlantic coast, dried, ground. It looks so natural greyish color clear, not washed, processed or refined. It contains no additives or anti-caking agents. In this way we are preserved all the characteristics of the salt coming from the open sea, in particular the presence of trace elements. The color gradient of salt depends on various factors (climate and temperature of the year of harvest, algae, concentration of minerals) and therefore may vary slightly from batch to batch. Allergens: Allergens may be present in the product, they are indicated on the labels that are continually updated. The detailed list is communicated at the request of the customer as they can vary. Ingredients: Atlantic sea salt. AVERAGE VALUES FOR 100 g Sodium chloride > 95 g Magnesium 0.10 +/- 0.09 g of which sodium 35 g Magnesium 142.4 mg (47.3% RDA * - * RDA 300 mg) Football 231 mg (28.8% RDA * - * RDA 800 mg) Iodine 58 micrograms (38.6% RDA * - * RDA 150 micrograms) * RDA = recommended daily Weight and measurement units: 1000g
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