Markalakt Knee 300g Pascoe

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Markalakt Knee 300g Pascoe
Marcaakt Pascoe DUST Indications: Biological therapy of gastro-intestinal disorganisms, duodenal and related complications. Gastritis, gallbladder-hepatitis, allergies, eczema, psoriasis. How to use: Dissolve 2-4 teaspoons of teas, in about 200 ml of hot and ingerious water, in the morning before breakfast and before bed in the evening. Warnings: In intolerant subjects lactose can cause abdominal obstruction of the ediarrea. Contraindications: For the presence of lactose, do not use in case of galactosemia and intolerance of aidisaccharides. Components: 100 g of powder contain: Extr. sicc. (6.1-7.2: 1) of flos matricariae. 1.350 g; Saccharum lactis 98.500 g;
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