Master-aid Hydra Hydrogel 50ml

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Master-aid Hydra Hydrogel 50ml
MASTER o AID HYDRA HYDROGEL Medical Device CE 0476, Class IIa. Hydrogel that physically protects the wound efavorisce proper skin re-epithelialization. Creates the conditions for umiditaottimali to start a correct healing process. It can be applied sututti types of wounds that need protection, hydration and promotion dellacicatrizzazione: abrasions, bruises, lacerations, burns, burns. The hydrogel matrix is made of a polymer capable of containing grandiquantita of water in its three-dimensional lattice and to resist long allarottura caused by saline substances present in the blood and exudates of ferite.Il polymer does not break immediately in contact with the saline substances quindipermette and a gradual release of water, allowing hydration protracted tempo.Master Hydrogel-Aid helps the healing process because it allows the permanenzadi a moist wound environment for a long time. The innovative technology allows BOV Master-Aid Hydrogel isolatodall'ambiente completely external and internal propellant. It is monitored lacontaminazione bacteria throughout the life of the product. The dispenser BOV consentel'applicazione hydrogel directly on the wound and providing hygiene praticitad'uso. Format Bottle of 50 ml. Cod. 02810
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