Master-aid Clinical Therapy Ecol

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Master-aid Clinical Therapy Ecol
MASTER o AID CLINICAL THERMOMETER Medical Device CE 0118, Class I. Clinical thermometer mercury unafacile allows measurement of body temperature. It contains a patented liquid compound dagallio, indium and tin, called Galinstan. The Galinstan is a liquid nocivoper the environment: the mercury substitute for medical technology. It does not need batteries and should not be set later. Hygienic vast wooded disinfected waterproof. It does not contain PVC and nickel, it is suitable for individuals with sensitivity to these materials. How to use Before you start measuring, make sure that the liquid column is the first mark of sottodella numbered (between 35 ? C and 36 ? C). Disinfect the thermometer before and after each use. Place the thermometer according to the type of measurement (axillary, rectal, oral). After about 4 minutes the thermometer has detected the body temperature. Perleggere the temperature slowly rotate the thermometer back and forth. The liquidocontenuto in the glass capillary tube of the thermometer indicates the temperature corporeavisualizzata on the thermometric scale. To reset the thermometer at the end of the measurement, hold it firmly from parteopposta the bulb and shake firmly moving the wrist down from 15 to 20volte to replace the liquid in the bulb. Warnings The liquid Galinstan must not come into contact with light metals or preziosiperche reacts with these. The storage temperature of the thermometers Invetro with Galinstan must not be lower than -15 ? C nor higher than + 42 ? C. Cod. 90057
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