Malva Drops Food Supplement 100ml

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Malva Drops Food Supplement 100ml
Mauve Drops Family: Malvaceae Species: Malva sylvestris L. Habitat: Incolti, edges of de str, grassy places. Part used: Whole plant flowered Harvest time: Late spring-summer. Mallow is a perennial herbaceous plant, bushy, with erect stems, sometimes crawling, can reach and exceed one meter in height, the root is a vertical taproot. The plant is eliotropica for the fact that follows the sun. The leaves are green, are arranged in a fan, with 5 or 7 lobes. Curiosity The name comes from the Latin Malva mollire alvum and it makes sense to make springs, capable of softening. From the greek word Malache (snail), referring to the softening properties of the sticky juices as foaming snails. Active principles: Mucilage up to 8%, anthocyanins (Malvina, malvidin, gossipicianina, cannabinina,), flavonoids, amino acids, sugars, vitamins A, B1, C, E. Internal use (water-alcohol solution) It has emollient, mucoprotettive, anti-inflammatory, refreshing, bechiche, laxative Indications: Irritations of the upper respiratory tract, cough, gastritis and enteritis, constipation, cystitis. Dosage: 60 drops in a little water three times a day between meals. tisane The best results are obtained by maceration at 5% in warm water for at least 5 hours. Alternatively make a decoction, always to 5%, by boiling for 10 minutes. Notes: The herbal tea is the best form of recruitment. The water-alcohol solution contains mucilage but possesses laxative properties. Synergistic drugs: ALTEA, CHAMOMILE MARIGOLD, ELICRISO, coltsfoot, ROVO, mullein The flowers bloom in spring and are of pink-violet, the corolla consists of five petals with darker streaks and are leaf axils, in pairs or in small bunches.
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