Mellin Homogenized Fruit Apple Banana 2x100g

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Mellin Homogenized Fruit Apple Banana 2x100g
Mellin Homogenized Fruit apple Banana FEATURES Your child has different nutritional requirements than those of an adult and that change at different stages of growth: why Mellin developed PRECINUTRI (TM), the exclusive program that aims to accurately nutrition to meet their specific needs through products that are safe, nutritionally sound and that help to cultivate good eating habits. INGREDIENTS Apple puree (40%) of banana puree (28%), water, corn starch, lemon juice, vitamin C. Gluten free. HOW TO PREPARE AND STORE Start with a few teaspoons of homogenized, gradually passing to an entire jar, as indicated by the pediatrician. We recommend using a plastic spoon. WARNING: Store in a cool, dry place and away from heat sources. The jar is not completely used should be stored in a refrigerator at 4 ? C and consumed within 24 hours. NUTRITIONAL TABLE Nutritional values Average to 100 g % Reference value * Energy kJ 220 kcal 52 Grassi g 0.1 of which saturated fatty acids g 0.0 Carbohydrates (pd) g 11.8 of which sugars g 8.8 fibers g 1.1 protein g 0.4 Salt does not sup. to g 0.03 C vitamin mg 30 120% The figures in the table salt is exclusively due to sodium naturally contained in the ingredients.
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