Milton Sol 1000ml

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Milton Sol 1000ml
Milton SOLUTION Indications: disinfectant for feeding bottles and teats. How to use: - To remove all traces of milk: Wash the bottle with a brush and undetergente dish and rub the nipple inside and outside with sale.Infine rinse it all perfectly. Take a plastic container, porcelain or glass (not metal) or the appropriate dish Milton semplifical'applicazione that of Method. Pour into bowl or in the bowl 2 liters of acquafredda and 2 caps of the product, filled up salla solid line under the tratteggiaturadi security. Completely immerse in the solution bottle and teat: lasciarliimmersi for 90 minutes or more until the time of preparing the next meal. Diriprenderli First, wash your hands and, being now disinfected, drain thoroughly. Nonsciacquare more poppatio and teats before use: the solution does not lasciasapore on bottle, pacifier or food. A new solution every 24 hours Milton bastaper all feeding bottles and teats of a whole day. With Method Milton, also avoids the frequentio broken feeding bottles and teats wear. - For disinfection of baby items: Prepare the solution by adding untappo per liter of water. Wash those non-metallic objects that the child disolito to his mouth, as spoons, cups, toys, etc. Dip nellasoluzione disinfectant and leave for 90 minutes. - Decontamination of food: after washing, soak fruits and vegetables nellasoluzione prepared by adding a cap per liter of water. Leave for 30 minuti.Disinfezione drinking water in case of need: add a cap every 10litri water. Wait 30 minutes before use. Features: ensures effective protection for the whole family against the danger diinfezioni.
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