M & C Division Coripeel 15 microdermabrasion treatment 75ml

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M & C Division Coripeel 15 microdermabrasion treatment 75ml
M & C Division Coripeel 15 microdermabrasion treatment with microcrystals of aluminum oxide oleodispersi Suitable for all skin types and age CORIPEEL 15 is an innovative home treatment, with micro-dermoabrasivo and tissue dermorigenerazione effect, it realized with corundum crystals dispersed in a particular patented formula oily gel. The innovative element of CORIPEEL resides in the particular formula used and in the particular thermodynamic characteristics of the gel, which suitably varies its consistency depending on the duration and energy used in massage giving rise to a "deferred lubrication". This allows selective modulation of a skin protection product against scratches; moreover, since the corundum chemically inert, there may be risks of irritation or sensitization of the skin and thus no risk or complications in the use of the same. INDICATIONS fine wrinkles spread Acne Post acne scars discolorations Stretch Marks keratosis pilaris Preparative to peeling HOW TO USE Do not soak, wash or moisten the area to be treated before applying Coripeel 15. Carefully remove make up before treatment. Apply Coripeel 15 on the face, or the area to be treated is completely dry and massage with quick circular movements. Massage for 2 to 4 minutes for the face, neck and decollete; from 7 to 10 minutes for the stretch marks and other body parts. Rinse thoroughly. Use 1 or 2 times a week or second medical opinion. CONTRAINDICATIONS TO TREATMENT rashes in place. WARNINGS Avoid eye contact. In case of accidental contact, but do not rub, rinse thoroughly with water. Do not swallow, do not use on broken skin, keep out of sight and out of reach of children, do not use after the expiration date. The expiry date refers to the product correctly stored. Formula dermatologically tested
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