Mom Combi Antiparass 4FL 15ml

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Mom Combi Antiparass 4FL 15ml
MOM combi Medical and Surgical. Local treatment of parassitosiumane caused by head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis), pubic (PhthirusPubis) and their eggs. How to use Apply a phial in the case of short hair, two in the case of long hair or voluminosi.Massaggiare for 5 minutes to distribute the product. Leave on for 20 minutes poilavare carefully the head with a normal shampoo. Accurately comb the capellicon the fine-toothed comb to remove dead lice and eggs. Repeat iltrattamento after 8 days. Components 100 g of product contain: Permethrin (cis / trans 25/75) 0.95 g, 4.0 g piperonyl butoxide, Coformulants quantobasta. Warnings The product is contraindicated in those subjects presenting forms diipersensibilita note against one of the components of the formulation. ecomunque not recommended to use the product to people sensitive (asthmatic, allergic, etc.): use with caution on sensitive skin, especially in children. Contienepermetrina (CAS 52645-53- 1) and Methyl + Methylchloroisothiazolinone (CAS 26172-55-4): May produce an allergic reaction. Do not eat, drink or fumaredurante use. If swallowed seek medical advice immediately and mostrargliil container or label. Product for external use only. Avoid usoeccessivo. The use, especially if prolonged, of topical products may dareorigine to sensitization, in which case discontinue treatment econsultare your doctor to establish a suitable therapy. Do not use for trattamentiprolungati, after a short treatment period without appreciable results, DO consult doctor. Do not apply to wounds or abrasions. Avoid contact with mouth, eyes, sensitive areas, mucous: in case of accidental contact, wash thoroughly with water esapone. Do not use on infants. Use with caution on sensitive skin. In subjects sensibilipuo cause skin irritation. After use, rinse the manicon running water and soap. If you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately emostrargli the container or label. Do not contaminate with the product, food, drink erecipienti intended to contain them. Do not mix with other preparazioniantiparassitarie. storage Keep the bottle tightly closed, at room temperature, away from calore.Conservare out of reach of children. Keep away from food, beverages, feed. Dispose of this material and its container must be with care; nongettare into drains. Do not release to the environment. Format Package of 4 or 8 vials of emulsion + comb applicator. Cod. UM143 / UM144
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