Named Menoflavon N Food Supplement 60 Tablets

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Named Menoflavon N Food Supplement 60 Tablets
named Menoflavon N Dietary supplement Menoflavon(R) is a natural supplement made from red clover to combat menopause symptoms safely and effectively. Red clover is the richest and most valuable source of isoflavones, more easily assimilated by the body and up to 45 times more active Soy. Compared to soy, which contains only two isoflavones, red clover contains 4 isoflavones well, which exert their action by producing positive effects on well-being and health of 360 degrees woman. The presence of calcium and Vitamin D also make Menoflavon(R) also indicated for bone health. One tablet per day for an action which lasts 24 hours. Flashes: - 73% Sweating: - 66% Sleep disorders: - 47% Nervousness: - 59% Mood disorders: - 59% Taken from: LA Hidalgo et al. Gynec. Endocr. 2005, 21: 257-264 Menopause? Fewer problems, Menoflavon(R) Menoflavon N 40 mg isoflavones 60 tablets How to use: 1 tablet daily
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