Naux 10 Cream Idrat Emol 200ml

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Naux 10 Cream Idrat Emol 200ml
Naux 10 EMOLIENT IDRATING CREAM Moisturizing and keratolytic cream for dry, xerotic skins, recommended during drying dermatological treatments during drying. Naux 10 can be used as a cosmetic adjuvant in the treatment of: - dermatitis of the hands and feet due to dehydration and desquamation, - atopic dermatitis, dermatitis and contact sensitization, - chitosan, psoriasis and diffuse seizures caused by pharmacological therapies (therapeutic therapies, retinoids). Emulsion containing 10% urea for dry and dehydrated skins, with absorbent and emollient skin, allows easy release of active ingredients with atherapeutic and moisturizing effect, improving skin appearance and functionality. The particular liquid crystal structure mimics the lipidic cellular cellular structure of the corneum layer, favoring the addition of ceramides and other short-term and long-term moisturizing properties. Thanks to the contribution of geld'aloe and glycerer glyceride ? 18, it has a rapid softening and soothing action, benefiting the natural elasticity of the cornea layer. Naux 10 from the first application restores the physiologic hydrolipidicocutaneous mantle, penetrates easily by nourishing, moisturizing and relieving the feel of the skin pulls. No perfume, no parabens dermatologically tested for ilnickel too. How to use It is recommended to use it on perfectly clean skin by massaging up to uniform absorption. - Skin irritated hypersensitive during allergic or contact dermatitis (atopy, dac, dic): Apply 2/3 times daily or according to medical indication. - Desquamation of chronic conditions (psoriasis / ittiosis) apply up to 3/4 times daily or according to medical indication. - Very dry and cracked skin during drug therapy: Apply up to 4/5 times daily or according to medical indication. Format 200 ml tube.
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