Nico H Plus Loz 15f 5ml

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Nico H Plus Loz 15f 5ml
Nico-H-Plus LOTION IN VIALS Indications: It stimulates regrowth spontaneous countering the follicle atrophy and eccessodi sebum, restoring the physiological conditions of hydrolipidic. The presenzadella taurine protects and promotes the nourishment of the hair bulb. Lacaduta prevents hair in cases of male pattern baldness; defluvium odovuto seasonal shortages of serum iron and ferritin levels, hair loss due to disordered ciclomestruale, postnatal period, in case of total hysterectomy, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid disease, stimulating a faster regrowth. How to use: apply one ampoule every other day on cleansed skin, preferably in the evening, massaging the product through the body starting from the top or second diversaindicazione doctor for at least 3 months. Wash your hair the mattinasuccessiva possibly with a mild shampoo. Characteristics: - Methyl nicotinate: nicotinic acid methyl ester. Noteproprieta revulsivanti has long been used in cosmetics and in Trichology. - Taurine: is useful for the protection of the functionality of root delcapello because it contributes to building up his food in the bulb, where ilcapello forms. - Melatonin (a hormone of the pineal gland): from recent research eindividuata its own distinct activity inhibiting the enzyme alpha cinquereduttasi and seboregolazione skin. - Capsicum: vasodilator Biotin: VIT H, stimulating papilla eseboregolatore. - Nettle (TM aged): normalizing the scalp, with proprietasgrassanti. Grass Officinale of great importance for its properties polivalentitali as to ensure a normalizing effect of many skin abnormalities such as dandruff, excess sebum, dermatitis, weakening the capillary. - Limone (TM aged): astringent, disinfectant. Warnings: external use. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. In case of contattosciacquare with plenty of water. After application rinse with water Lemani. The product in contact with the skin can naturally produce a leggeroarrossamento which will disappear spontaneously after a few minutes. Do not apply on skin irritated or ulcerated or in case of dandruff. Consult your doctor if you are taking fluvoxamine and nifedipine. Do not apply under twelve.
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