Nova T 380 Intrauterine Disp

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Nova T 380 Intrauterine Disp
NOVA-T 380 Indicated for intrauterine contraception for women of childbearing age. The digressive rate is 1.26 per 100 women-years. After removal of the NOVA-T, infertility is promptly restored. Duration of use: NOVA-T can be left inserted, for a maximum of 30 months, the removal must be done during menstruation. If the device is removed mid-cycle and the woman has had intercourse within a week, she is at risk of pregnancy unless a new device is inserted immediately after removal. Copper IUDs prevent pregnancy by preventing fertilization. This is based on the inhibition of sperm and egg transport and / or the ability of the sperm to fertilize the egg. Components Plastic intrauterine device (polyethylene), roughly in the form of T. Polyethylene threads are attached to the lower portion. The vertical horizontal arms of the T of 32 mm length and 1.2 mm diameter, a 2.6 mm wide ring is found on the tip of the vertical arm, and a thin copper wire (107-141 mgCu, surface of 200 mm2) stabilized with a silver center (11-29 mg Ag) it is wrapped on the vertical portion of the T. The silver core prevents fragmentation of the wire and prolongs the life of the device. the polyethylene removal threads are treated with iron oxide. Code T380
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