Obasol Altaquota Emul 15bus6.6

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Obasol Altaquota Emul 15bus6.6
Obasol HIGH ALTITUDE Indications: natural product that guarantees the continuation of tanning (pigmentazionecutanea), keeping the skin soft and hydrated. How to use: applied as an after-sun affected area, several times a day. To maintain a perfect tan that lasts, it is consigliabilel'applicazione for at least 14 days, as shown by clinical trial. This practice is also able to improve the appearance of the skin, cherisulta softer, more plastic and hydrated. Characteristics: O / W emulsion based Borage oil contains gamma linoleic acid, precursoredi PGE prostaglandins with anti-inflammatory activity, also equipped diattivita stimulating melanogenesis. He has prepared activities "reddening" and a good moisturizing effect. It is easy to spread, the rapid evaporation of water produces unimmediato sense of freshness, and the absorption of the oil phase provides uneffetto plastic to the skin. It contains no perfumes, lanolin and / or alcohol, substances that can cause allergic-type effettiindesiderati or irritation. It reduces burning. Available in sachets of 6.6 ml.
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