Pedegen Cr Rigen Heels Screp

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Pedegen Cr Rigen Heels Screp
Pedagen REGENERATING CREAM Indications Particularly suitable to counter the dryness of the feet and the formation discrepolature. It moisturizes, helps to heal the cracks, keeps the skin soft etonica prevents reformation of cracks, maintains efficient lamicrocircolazione device. Dosage and Usage Spread across the foot by insisting on the heels and sides strongly screpolatepreferibilmente 2 times a day. Components Urea (10%); Mimosa tenuiflora (2% glycolic extract); Gotu Kola (2% estrattoglicolico); omega 6 (1% water-soluble vit.F). Format 50 ml. Cod. 437
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Brand A.F.O.M. MEDICAL Srl
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