Phyto Phytomillesime Beauty Spray For Colored Hair 150ml

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Phyto Phytomillesime Beauty Spray For Colored Hair 150ml
Phyto Phytomillesime Beauty Spray For Colored Hair Without rinsing, this treatment protects and moisturizes colored hair, with meches, for a sublime hair ADVANTAGES AND RESULTS The beauty concentrate PHYTOMILLESIME combines 3 essential actions for colored hair, with meches: Intense protection Thanks to the protective action of the beauty concentrate, the fiber retains its integrity and a more intense color for longer. Thus protected, the colored hair resists better to external aggressions. Capillary fiber treatment By restoring the lipid barrier of the hair, the beauty concentrate makes the fiber stronger, more resistant and softer. The cuticles are closed and the color takes on an intoparable brightness. The color then reveals a new splendor, pure and intense. Easy styling Hair is easier to untangle and to comb, frizzy hair is disciplined. Much more than a sublime treatment, the beauty concentrate offers a real hair styling treatment. Soft, fluid, without frizz, for a sublime crown. ACTIVE PRINCIPLES Phyto laboratories have selected a palette of rare and precious ingredients and created a 95% formula of plant and natural origin. The extract of apple flowers and fruits covers the hair fiber for a bright hair. The Red Love (R) apple is rich in anthocyanins, natural pigments that give it its intense red color and fights free radicals to limit oxidation. As wrapped in a veil, the hair is protected, the fiber is reinforced and the color is preserved.
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