Potential N Kappa 60cps

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Potential N Kappa 60cps
Potential N Kappa MICRO-NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT PARTICIPANT IN THE BRAIN METABOLISM. Action: 1- A nutrition specific neuronal cell: - General: the intake of sugars assimilated by the brain cell eindispensabile its operation: gentian, chondrus, vitamin PP, - The dynamics of the Neuro-transmission: thanks to the trace elements eaminoacidi that increase neuro-transmission: aspartic acid (gentian, chondrus), glutamic acid: gentian chondrus, manganese, copper (chondrus, watercress, oats), - Stimulation of memory thanks to the action of certain specific amino acids such as glutamic acid dellamemoria: gentian, chondrus. 2- The reinforcement and protection of cerebral neuronal membranes: Acid cervonico: polyunsaturated fatty acids; omega 3; Fish oil from cold seas, chondrus, evening primrose oil, borage, safflower and phosphorus; watercress, peanut, vitaminaE. 3- With action on the optimization of cellular: the dynamics of ion channels: true doors of exchange between the space intracellulareedextracellulare brain: magnesium, vitamin C, watercress. 4- With the support of the anti-radical and with the protection of paretivascolari: the contribution of anti-radicals that have an anti-aging, anti-degeneration: vitamin A, E, C, grape, currant, watercress. The protection dellepareti for a better vascular cerebral perfusion: fish oil, vitamins C, E.
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