Potential N Lambda 60cps

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Potential N Lambda 60cps
Potential N Lambda MICRO-NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT PARTICIPANT IN THE METABOLISM RIGENERAZIONEANTI-AGE. Action: 1- By making anti-radical elements: - Zinc: indispensable for the activity of SOD, Christo Marina, - Manganese: essential to SOD, Christo Marina, - Selenium: active site of glutathione peroxidase: enzyme anti-radical, - Vitamins: A, E, C acting directly on free radicals, - Some polyphenol anti-radicals: lycopene, flavonoids, Marc and acinid'uva, plankton. 2- By making the elements of cellular exchanges: - So that allow optimal nutrition as well as an elimination degliscarticellulari with the opening of ion channels: magnesium. 3- By making maximum protection of cell membranes: - Doing intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids protectors of membranes and vascular oliodipesce, avellana hazelnut oil, evening primrose oil, rose oil rubiginosa.
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