Potential N Pi 60cps

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Potential N Pi 60cps
Potential N Pi NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT MICRO-PARTICIPANT Metabolism TONE. Action: 1- The general metabolism and its regulation: to the central nervous system that provides the body with the elements biodisponibiliindispensabili cellular life: metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids degliaminoacidi.Il magnesium, brewer's yeast, zinc, truffles, Chondrus, spirulina, vitamin B1, B2, B6, PP, C (acerola purslane, ginseng and ash). 2- The support of the operation of the key organs of the general tone: ilcervello, heart, muscle, adrenal cortex and the tiroide.Lo zinc, calcium, potassium, acerola, saffron, brewer's yeast (thyroid, adrenals, sex glands), ginseng, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin B9. 3- The contribution of anti-radical which prevent the body ilsovraccarico of free radicals, resulting in fatigue and metabolic source diperturbazioni including possible cell death: vitamin C, E Aed: ginseng, ash, yeast, Chondrus, spirulina. 4- The maintenance of acid-base balance: zinc. 5- The stimulation of the excretory: purslane, acerola, ash.
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