Potential N Sigma 60cps

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Potential N Sigma 60cps
Potential N Sigma NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT MICRO-PARTICIPANT METABOLISM OF STRESS. Action: 1- A regulation of the nervous system: a) An adjustment of the central nervous system: - Balance of ion channel: magnesium-calcium to restore balance cheesempre disrupted in stress at the expense of magnesium comportaunaiper eccitabilitasempre-growing, - Balance of neuronal function: riarmonizzanti substances with the help ditiglio, chamomile, lemon balm, rose, hawthorn with the help of aminoacididirettamente related to neuro-mediators: Shiitake Mushroom, - Balance of the neuroendocrine system: intake of zinc regolatoredell'ipofisi, b) A regulation of the vegetative nervous system: Magnesium antispasmodic, linden, chamomile, lemon balm, hawthorn. 2- A nutrition of the neuronal cell membrane: - With phosphorus. 3- An immune system support: support immune function always disrupted in stress on the thymus, suilinfociti: zinc, chamomile, shitake Mycellium. 4- With an anti-radical and stimulation of the excretory: a) An intake of anti-radical substances always increased in the stress: - Zinc, manganese, lime Vitamins: Vitamin A, C, E ,: apple, cinorrodioSostanze anti-radical lime, b) stimulation of the excretory stressed state of stress: liver, kidney, intestine, skin, Anthemis, cinorrodio, Quercus, lime.
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