Previtamin SCIR Plus 100ml

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Previtamin SCIR Plus 100ml
Previtamin Plus FOOD SUPPLEMENT Indications: supplement in multivitamin syrup for children. Dosage and Usage: administered undiluted or diluted in plain water or other suitable beverage to the extent DI5 ml (one scoop) up to two times a day, and 'a dietary supplement in sciroppodi fructose with 12 vitamins (except vitamin K) of 13 naturally occurring , chegarantisce a proper intake of these nutrients. Components: carbohydrates; Vitamin B1; Vitamin B2; vitamin B6; Vitamin B12; vitamin C; vitamin E, vitamin A; vitamin D3; Vitamin PP; biotin; folic acid; pantothenic acid. Format: 100 ml. Cod. ARF3.
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