PromoPharma Line Meristemo Meristemo 13 Food Supplement 100ml

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PromoPharma Line Meristemo Meristemo 13 Food Supplement 100ml
PromoPharma Meristemo line Meristemo 13 Lymphatic drainage The products of Meristemo line represent a new concept of fitodrug according to modern herbal medicine. They summarize it in its national strong action: draining, regulating, balancing, rejuvenating. Each number has a particular organ / system. INGREDIENTS Water, Alcohol, Glycerin, Abies pectinata, Castanea vesca, Juglans regia, Vitis vinifera, erythrite, Uncaria tomentosa (Cat's Claw). HOW TO USE It should take 40-60 drops (1 tea spoon) in half a glass of natural mineral water, 2-3 times a day. The best intake of these remedies is to pay the total daily amount (eg. 180 adults drops = 3 teaspoons) in 1 liter of natural mineral water and drink all throughout the day. INFORMATION All "Meristemo Ynkhas" can be taken together with each other. Warnings: It is recommended to take the infants only a quarter of the daily dose and children (4-12 years) a half dose. Moreover to eliminate the alcohol present will be sufficient to pour the drops to be taken in a little warm water, stirring with a teaspoon, so as to evaporate the alcohol.
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