Pool Pharma Psyllo Mint Food Supplement 20 Sachets

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Pool Pharma Psyllo Mint Food Supplement 20 Sachets
Pool Pharma Psyllo Mint Dietary supplement Indications: it contrasts the hypermotility of the terminal ileus, which causes accelerated intestinal transit (diarrheal alva); contrasts the hypersegmented peristalsis of the colon, which causes slowed transit and meteorism (alvo stiptico); increases the consistency of stools too fluid, favoring a reduction in the number of discharges; exerts an anti-anxiety effect, useful in the irritable bowel, whose etiology often recognizes a "neurogenic" component. How to use: 1 sachet 2/3 times a day dissolved in 200 ml of still water, half an hour before meals, for 4-6 consecutive weeks. Take the product 1 hour before or 2 hours after any other medicines. Warnings: given the presence of gastro-resistant capsules and sensitive pH of MenthaPiperita essential oil, it is advisable to avoid taking the product in association with antacids and antisecretory drugs). In pregnancy: not recommended. Components: psyllium cuticle 99% pure powder, peppermint essential oil in gastroresistant microcapsules, intestinal release, high, standardized title in menthol. Format: 20 Sachets Code PPB00400000
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