Restomyl Dentalcroc Cat 60g

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Restomyl Dentalcroc Cat 60g
Restomyl Dentalcroc Cat Description Nutritional support for the oral health of cats. It prevents adhesion and growth on the tooth surface of the bacterial component of plaque, improving the breath and slowing the deposition of tartar. Property It contains a particular brown alga ( Ascophyllum nodosum ), the use of which has been patented and whose health benefits for the oral cavity have been demonstrated specifically in pet animals. The brown alga is absorbed after oral administration and, through the circulation, reaches the salivary glands and penetrates the saliva. Here it prevents the growth of the bacterial plaque component on the tooth surface and reduces the deposition of tartar. The first sign of an improvement in oral health is the disappearance of bad breath. RestomylDentalcroc does not contain any ingredient that masks bad breath. Fucoidan reduces plaque formation; sulphate esters reduce the deposition of tartar. Ingredients Seaweed flour ( Ascophyllum nodosum ) 25%, wheat, maize, semi-husked flour, barley, wheat bran, olive oil, yeasts; organoleptic additives: natural rosemary extract. Analytical components: crude proteins (7%), raw fats (5.5%), raw cellulose (2%), raw ash (7%). Method of use Starting from the appearance of the final teeth, Restomyl Dentalcroc should be administered once a day in the daily amounts indicated in the table. RestomylDentalcroc can be given alternating with Restomyl Supplement, as a "premium" for oral health. To maintain proper oral hygiene Restomyl Dentalcrocva used daily for long periods of time (minimum 8 months). Body weight (kg) Dentalcroc 60g 0-5 2-4 croc 6-10 4-8 croc storage Store in a cool, dry place, between 15 ? C and 30 ? C. Format Resealable bag of 60 g. Cod. 2067
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